• Building Financial Strength Starts Here...

    Are you running out of financial resources and options with debt you can no longer afford, having money management troubles, or faced with real estate problems and not quite sure how to move forward or what the next step is?

    Getting the answers you need to get through a financial crisis quickly or avoid one in the first place, doesn't have to be hard…

Introducing Todd Rooker's Financial Crisis Mastery Course:
A 6-Part Series Home Study Course to Building Financial Strength, Stability, and Growth.
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The Financial Crisis Mastery System takes into account all the complex issues a consumer could be facing.

From loan modifications, short sales, foreclosures, credit issues, debt settlement/negotiation, credit counseling, even bankruptcy, and gives you the knowledge you need to make better financial decisions, recover quickly, and move forward with your life. Act on the program and you'll have a plan that works when nothing else does to get through your financial crisis, minimize the damages to your credit score, bank accounts, and your good name. Most importantly, you'll have a money management system in place to ensure that you'll never be this position again.

Todd Rooker's 6-Part Series Home Study course on Financial Crisis Mastery comes with a digital portfolio of 6 videos, financial worksheets, and a step-by-step guidebook. The digital format allows for immediate download. Course includes the following parts:

  • 1

    Top 10 Questions People Ask in a Financial Crisis...

    Get access to time-critial answers to help you weather your financial storm, minimize the damage and recover as quickly as possible.

  • 2

    Your Real Estate Options

    You may decide to let go of your home or not, file bankruptcy, process a short sale, loan modification, or foreclose. Before you make any move, understand ALL of the options available to you first. Todd explains it all in this program.

  • 3

    All About Bankruptcy

    Bankruptcy may be the lesser of two evils depending on your situation. Learn how to leverage a bankruptcy, how to determine if you qualify for a Chapter 7 or 13 and understand the risks involved to avoid common mistakes.

  • 4

    All About Credit

    Find out what the banks and the credit card bureaus don't want you to know. Learn best-kept secrets so you can protect yourself and your credit score.

  • 5

    Power Budgeting

    Hands-on exercises with real life, comprehensive budgeting strategies revealed. Find out what isn't working in your current budget and leave with new strategies that really work.

  • 6

    The Discovery Process

    Financial stability starts with understanding your current position. From crisis to recovery, you'll learn how to develop a game plan, move forward with your life, build wealth, and sustain financial growth & stability.

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All About Bankruptcy
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  • I had a lot of debt after law school and some of it went into collection when I was unable to find a job immediately after graduation. This destoyed my credit. I was also unaware of how to really budget my money. Todd and his wonderful crew taught me loads about the credit industry and living on a budget. They were also able to help me negotiate with creditors, pay off my bad debts, and restored my credit. Because of this I was able to buy a home and now feel completely in control of my financial life.

    C. Timmer Attorney
  • Todd has taught us how to live within our means and how to save and plan a proper budget. When we faced financial hardship three years ago, I thought that we would never be able to climb out of this hole, we now have corrected past mistakes and looking forward to becoming home owners. We are no longer ashamed to have our credit reports pulled and are responsible with our credit. Thank you Todd for giving us our lives back!

    Nicole Business Office Manager
  • Todd Rooker's classes are loaded with information that is difficult, if not impossible, to find else-where. Most of us wander blindly through a confusing world of FICO scores, debt and money management only hoping we are doing the right thing. Todd offers practical applications to some of the most difficult money problems.

    V. Muggli Real Estate Broker

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